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Self Service Income Tax : Enables employees to save more and yet the accounts function saves time has an innovative new website
KServeHRMS is going global

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                                                                                            July 2012 v.7

Self Service Income Tax: Enables employees to save more and yet the accounts function saves time

The responsibility of verifying personal and income based declarations, and calculating income tax is very cumbersome for most organizations, primarily because the interaction is personal and individualized. Income Tax payees are usually senior and middle management who are very demanding of their rights, knowing very well that good tax planning leads to direct savings. Unless automated in a self service mode, the amount of work involved for the accounts function is very high.This leads to high stress situations in the final months of the year when deductions usually go up and declarations come in at the last minute.

KServeHRMS has added an income tax module, with self service capability to its suite of products. This means that employees can give their declarations, and view their projections based on income and declarations made. KServe Payroll is integrated to the income tax module and hence recommended deductions can be posted to payroll. Actual pay and deductions are posted back to the tax module. Statutory reports related to Form 16 and Form 24 Q, with the breakup by employee can be taken out automatically. The module can be implemented individually also.

For more information on this module visit : has an innovative new website

We invite you to take a look at our upgraded new website. The world of mobiles and tablets demands new interfaces, which are often conflicting with contemporary websites designed for the desktop or laptops. We have utilized tiles, large fonts and a touch ready interface so as to give a better experience to all types of users. Initial feedback even from experts have been good. We intend to continue our innovation on not only the site, but also into our product as we upgrade to new versions.

KServeHRMS is going global

KServeHRMS products solutions have crossed the Indian shores, even though our dominant customer base is in India. We have customers from around the world signing up and using our products. Recently a multinational company with 500 employees in the Middle East went live on our SaaS product. Another group of companies in the Far East is currently implementing the product for all its 15 group companies. to know more or to schedule a demo of the product

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