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"They did a commendable job meeting all their promises and in making the benefits of ERP become a reality for us. I would recommend them to anyone."

Subba Reddy,
MD - Dodla Engineering

"The Technology Management Team of the bank is very impressed with the work you are doing"

Akshay Gaur
CIO – Scope International

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Web based Payroll,Income Tax Submission,Leave,Time & Attendance Management

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HR & Payroll Processing

Oct 2011 v.1
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''KServe is working well for us. We have enabled direct deposit and pretty much streamlined the payroll process''   
Aditya Agarkar
MD Snapwiz

Dear %%First Name%%,

New approach to HR & Payroll Processing For Your Organization

Running your payroll and hr on the internet is now the best approach from a number of perspectives

  • No capital investment in hardware and software - only PC’s with internet access
  • Very nominal monthly charges.
  • Quick start in hours, using our simple upload and use methodology.
  • Statutory compliance and data saved locally for anytime access.
  • Accessible from multiple locations by multiple roles anytime and anywhere. gives you the best options for running HR & Payroll on the web – in terms of user-friendliness, price, compliance, and completeness.

The product was selected to be among the Top 8 SaaS applications in India by Nasscom.

You can choose the Standard SaaS HR Payroll ( product, or you could use give all employees access to an Employee Portal HRMS( application.

Do avail of the special discount if you register this month.

  • Free trial, remote demo, and test with sample data
  • Free Training and Support Package
  • Special prices for Micro SME’s

A brief note on the functional coverage of the two options is given below.

Coverage of the Standard KServeOnline HR & Payroll KServe Human Capital Management is a comprehensive Employee self service SaaS (Software as a Service Model) /In-premise ready product with powerful functionality covering the areas of:

-Employee Life Cycle:

The employee life cycle module tracks the history of the movement of employees within the organization from the initial job offer, joining, transfers, promotions, movements and separations. A comprehensive database of the employee, along with the employee’s position in the organization structure is tracked and available for reports and analysis.

-Leave, Time and Attendance Management:

This module tracks the leave, time and attendance of employees through multiple mechanisms. Spreadsheet based uploads, direct entry from the portal and integration to attendance devices are some of the input mechanisms possible. Flexible leave policies that can even vary by location can be defined.

-Payroll and Benefits:

The payroll and benefits module enables you to process payroll for employees in a easy step by step manner. Employee details with attendance data can be uploaded and pre-loaded rules can be used to process payroll and leave. Statutory reports related to PF and ESI can be reported and extracted. Flexible rule definitions enable easy adaptations to changing situations.

If you decide to go for the Employee Portal option you get the additional following modules

  • Employee Portal for use by employees and supervisors.
  • Performance Management.
  • HR Administration.
We would love to tell you more about what we can do for you. Do get in touch with us at
KServe Editorial Team 
Kallos Solutions Private Limited | Plot No.3019,Y Block, 3rd Street |12th Main Road,Anna Nagar | Chennai | Tamil Nadu|600040|India
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