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"They did a commendable job meeting all their promises and in making the benefits of ERP become a reality for us. I would recommend them to anyone."

Subba Reddy,
MD - Dodla Engineering

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Akshay Gaur
CIO – Scope International

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Integrated HRMS

Dec 2011 v.2
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                Cloud HRMS & Employee Portals
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Integrated HRMS with Employee Self Service
Approval workflow - the vital link in any employee self service HRMS product

''KServe is working well for us. We have enabled direct deposit and pretty much streamlined the payroll process''   
Aditya Agarkar
MD Snapwiz

Integrated HRMS with Employee Self Service is vital for Service organizations : The cloud makes it affordable now.

Integrated HRMS with Employee Self Service

So far, having an Integrated HR system with self service access to all employees is usually something only that big companies could afford to have. Applications like Employee Life Cycle management, Leave & Attendance, Payroll, Performance appraisals, Training or Recruitment integrated into one integrated HRMS system combined with a Employee Self Service Application enabled online access to employee services. This resulted in huge improvements in productivity, Speed, accuracy and employee motivation.

The cloud based applications now make such solutions affordable to smaller organizations. They can be bought on SaaS (Software as a Service) pay as you go mode, or you could buy the software for exclusive use. These new generation of solution are intrinsically designed for use on browsers over the public and private cloud.Suitable implementation methodologies and upload data utilities will enable you to transition from older legacy applications to the latest very quickly. It is like moving from landlines directly to the latest smart phone or tablet without having to go through the intermediate stages. Employee and HR productivity go up significantly with the use of such systems ensuring quick ROI for the effort put in. If you are evaluating such systems here are some overriding decision points you need to consider while looking for vendors

Is the solution ready for the web and the cloud? All other types of applications are going to be legacy soon. Are all the HRMS modules present and integrated. Without an integrated HRMS you will end up with duplicate work for each area, and also give a wrong picture to employees. The software is easy to use and startup. Employees and supervisors should intrinsically be able to use the application without much training.

At www.KServeHRMS we have made cloud based Employee Portals & Integrated HRMS a reality for many organizations. Being among the first to make available a web ready integrated HRMS product from India, it allowed us to make the transaction to the cloud and to employee portals fairly fast.

Approval workflow-the vital link in any employee self service HRMS product

In your organization, when any employee requests for leave, think about who approves it? Does it go through one or multiple stages?. Think of the approval routing when employees make a claim request, or want to make a modification to their profile, or submit their performance appraisal. Once this workflow is automated, the following major benefits accrue a)The process gets completed very rapidly b) very little time is spent by all the personnel in the workflow c) No waiting time is required – everyone does it at their convenience d) the transaction is recorded and its impact in terms of say updating the leave balance, or updating the records, or making reimbursements for claims happen automatically.

However, it is not just important to have a system that can execute this workflow. Changes in responsibilities and movements occur almost daily in organizations. The approval routing system should be easy enough to make quick modifications when these changes occur. This capability is the difference between the success or failure of a good employee self service system.

At KServeHRMS based on user feedback we have made this system much more user friendly and adaptable on a daily basis.
KServe Editorial Team 
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