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Performance Appraisals

Dec 2011 v.2
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Implementing Performace Appraisals
The hidden costs

''KServe is working well for us. We have enabled direct deposit and pretty much streamlined the payroll process''   
Aditya Agarkar
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Dear %%First Name%%,

Implementing Performance Appraisls is now 'a walk in the park' using Employee Portals
-     How many well meaning appraisals have not been completed because it was simply too difficult to serve, follow up and aggregate?
-     How often have appraisal results come too late to be of use for any meaningful actions?

-     How often has the performance history of employees been lost because it was all on paper or some spreasheets?

-     How often have a bland set of questions been served to a large number of employees, while what is needed is very specific sets for various roles and levels?

-     How many organizations stick to annual appraisals because it was too difficult to do appraisals more freqently - making corrective action difficult within a year?

KServeHRMS Performance Management & Employee Portal enables employee self service performance appraisals. This means HR can design role and period specific appraisals, determine the routings applicable between employees and supervisors and send it out. Employees and supervisors get well chosen alerts and mail triggers as reminders. Opening the appraisal is just a click away, hence inducing them to complete the process in quick time. HR administrators can track the progress and identify delays for easy follow up.Post appraisal action like training to be done can be monitored.

In short, the drudgery of administration goes away and the focus can be on designing good performance indices, comparing them, improving the accuracy of ratings, and following through in effective corrective action. The core intent of appraisals – rewarding successes, correcting bad performance, and contributing to the bottom line can now become the DNA of your organization, enabling it to scale new heights.

We would love to tell you more about what we can do for you. Do get in touch with us at

The ' hidden costs' of Silo based HR system

Most organizations have multiple silos of HR system. To understand the true hidden costs of silo based HR systems let us take the case of a representative organization (name withheld for privacy). Payroll is one system using a PC based package bought years ago. The employe database is another system. Leave and attendance is tracked using aspreadsheet. Performance appraisals are stored in documents and summaries in spreadsheets. Recruitment is managed using a tool provided by a Job Portal. Locally each system is efficient when the number of employees are low but a nightmare when the numbers go up. Each location has its own store of all of the above systems. In a typical month many employees leave, many get promoted, many new employees join. All these occur on various dates at various locations.

Every month or period end is a nightmare. Information about all the changes come in parts, often verbally, by email or by spreadsheets which don’t mark off the exact changes. Net result is that each system at each location has varying data. A true common picture never emerges leading to incorrect decision making. HR as a function becomes slow in reaction to services to other functions because it is always inward looking trying to sort out its own work rather than work on the true value added functions of capability and motivation improvement, and providing an environment of employee satisfaction. The above situation is surprisingly common.

With KServe HRMS our prognosis is simple. Don’t just implement an Integrated HRMS. Choose one which has an Employee Self Service Portal over and above the Integrated Systems. This is because the emphasis is not just on getting the internal act together, its about serving employees in real time, quickly and easily.

We would love to tell you more about what we can do for you. Do get in touch with us at
KServe Editorial Team 
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HRMS With Performance Appraisals and Email Triggers

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