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HMRS Software: Some give business agility, while some put a halt to plans

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                                                                                                    Apr 2012 v.5

HRMS Software : Some give business agility, while some put a halt to plans
The choice of the right HRMS software can make a major difference to your HR operations. Here are some real world situations that can happen.

Scenario#1: Your management decides to introduce a new type of special pay based on some logic.

Agile answer: "No problem, we will add a pay element, add a formula and configure the payslip to handle this change. Next payroll this will happen".

Inflexible answer: "Sorry, our system cannot handle this, you will have to put a halt to this since it will take atleast 3 months to incorporate in our payroll. We will have to put a lot of effort.  Better to buy a new system to make this happen".

20 employees have joined, 10 left and 7 transfers have happened in a month.

Agile answer: "No problem. Just modify make this change in the Employee Life Cycle module and all other systems will automatically have all the changes".

Inflexible answer: "All this information have to be updated in our payroll, employee database, leave management system, appraisal system, recruitment system, employee portal and our reimbursements system. Usually the data is correct only one or two months after the changes happen".

Scenario#3: The budget introduces a different tax slab, a new form of tax and new rules in benefits like medical, PF and ESI and new Labour related fund.

Agile answer: "No problem. It’s a configuration change. Will happen in the next payroll".

Inflexible answer:  "We will have to wait for a patch from our software provider if they are still around".

Scenario#4: You are using a good payroll package that has served you well for the past 5 years. You now want to ensure that information in the payroll is available for employees to view and interact, and you don’t want to maintain three or four employee databases due to difficulty in updating the data in all the system every month, and also maintain accuracy.

Agile answer:  "Luckily we bought the payroll from a provider that has other modules and all we have to do is start using the other modules".

Inflexible answer: "Our payroll provided does only payroll. We cannot integrate it as they don’t support it".

At KServeHRMS we have made it our mission to give agility to HR management and satisfaction to employees

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