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White paper on "A Guide to HR Automation Decisions'
Are you deducting too much tax from your employees payroll every month?

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White paper on 'A Guide to HR Automation decisions'

The 'war for talent' means that HR Automation is no longer a back room operation, but a
high priority item for most businesses, especially in ones where there is a premium on skills and capability. HR Automation, is not a quick changeover bullet, but needs to be carefully orchestrated such that it becomes the DNA of the organization. The ultimate goal must be to automate every HR process, not just within the HR & Payroll function, but also to extend automation to HR's customers(employees) and suppliers(HR service providers).

Full HR automation is a major endeavor covering areas like Employee Life Cycle Mgmt, Leave, Payroll, Performance Management, Recruitment, Training, Resource Management and HR Administration, and Employee Portals. The path to this ultimate goal, may not be achieved if short term decision for 'point' solutions are taken. One needs to decide on a HR Automation plan that is practical and easy for the short term, yet considers critical aspects like architecture, phasing, change management, vendor capability and many more. Download the the white paper to learn more...

Are you deducting too much tax from your employees payroll every month?

Organizations in India have responsibility to deduct tax on behalf of the government. This means that it has performed all the necessary tax calculations for every taxable employee and paid the same to the government directly. In practice, it is difficult for companies to give personal attention to each of its employees on the right level of tax to deduct. The person responsible for identifying the right amount of tax to be deducted has numerous aspects to consider like deductions, other income, tax eligibility limits, accuracy of the tax proof, calculations, preparation of statutory forms, deduction and filing of taxes.

Automation of the processs of determining declarations from employees, calculating the right amount to deduct based on projectcted incomes for the rest of the year, deducting the tax from payroll, making payments for tax and preparation of statutory reports like form 16 and 24 Q makes the life of person in charge easy. This gives enough time for him or her to cater to the individual needs of taxable employees, and encourage them to leverage the maximum eligible within the laws of the country. The Income Tax module of KServeHRMS is designed for your organization to achieve this goal. You can implement the Income Tax module even if you are using another Payroll system. to know more or to schedule a demo of the product

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